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india's top 25 law college 


Established: 1998 
Seats: 70
Fees: Rs.1,10,000 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
Improving on last year’s fourth year ‘Day Zero’ recruitment efforts, 
Nalsar has placed 66 out of 80 students graduating this year 2013.
Nalsar’s 100% record on recruitment is guaranteed to continue, “said 
RCC(Recruitment coordination committee) in an e-mail. 
Nalsar Hyderabad placed 25 students from the class of 78 graduating in 
2014 in Amarchand Mangaldas, AZB & Partners, J Sagar Associates 
(JSA), Khaitan & Co, Luthra & Luthra and Trilegal
NALSAR recruits its 25 students in top class 6 law firms. These firms
made 28 offers and accepted 25.
AZB & Partners was the largest recruiter with six accepted job offers, Amarchand Mangaldas accepted 5, khaitan, Luthra and Trilegal each
recruited 4 students and 2 students was hired by JSA.


Established: 1987
Seats: 80
Fees: Rs.1,72,700 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
The total batch size of 2009-2014 is 80 students. Out of these 24 students placed, 11 students had already received PPO and 2 students had accepted offers from Mckinsey & Co.
A total of 21 offers came from law firms Luthra & Luthra( 8 campus
offers), Trilegal(5), Amarchand MAngaldas(4), AZB & Partners(2),
Khaitan & Co. (2).


Established: 1998
Seats: 120
Fees: Rs.1,02,000 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
NLIU recruit 9 students in 2012 at day zero and for the batch of 2014 it recruit 4 students at day zero.
Around 50 out of 82 NLIU Bhopal students graduating in 2012 participated in campus recruitment,out of whom 31 found employment.
In 2010, it recruited 46 students and in 2011, it recruited 33 out of 78 students.


Established: 1924
Seats: 80 
For the last couple of years, placement on campus has been 
progressing, with a good number of students recruited by Corporate 
Houses, MNSs, Law Firms, Government Agencies like ONGC,
International Publishers and even NGOs.
Faculty Of Law was in Rank 4 as per the “The week’s 2011 Law
School Ranking” and in Rank 2 as per “India today’s 2012 Law
School Ranking”.


Established: 2008
Seats: 80
Fee: Rs.72,500 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
Amarchand Mangaldas, Khaitan & Co., Luthra & Luthra, Trilegal
made 13 offers. Luthra & Luthra hired six students at NLU Delhi
including Pre-placement offers(PPO), Amarchand Manaldas hired
one student at Delhi and 2 via PPO in Mumbai. Trilegal hired 2
students, Khiatan hired 1 student through PPO.

[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image007.jpg[/IMG]6. NLU, JODHPUR

Established: 1999
Seats: 100
Fees: Rs.1,20,000per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
NLU Jodhpur olaced 11 out of its 80 students who will graduate in
2014. Luthra & Luthra hired 5 students, Amarchand Mangaldas and
Trilegal hired 2 students each and JSA hired 2 students.


Established: 1999
Seats: 125
Fees: Rs.1,08,000 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
NUJS Kolkata students received 20+ jobs offers from its 2014
graduating batch. Amarchand Mangaldas was the largest recruiter by 
accepting 5 students on campus and 2 on PPOs. Luthra & Luthra made 5 and Trilegal made 3 including PPO. Khaitan & Co. made 3 job
offers for its Mumbai and Bangalore offices. J Sagar Associates(JSA)
hire 2 students. AZB & partners also made offers to students.
[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image010.jpg[/IMG] 8. GOVERNMENT LAW COLLEGE, MUMBAI

Established: 1855
Seats: 160
Fees: Rs.1500 per annum(including tuition fee )
It is a very old and prestigious college in among all the law colleges. GLC, Mumbai has directly placed at least 50 students in law firms or corporate jobs of its 440 students who was graduated in 2011. Large number of students went to become a solicitor, a majority joined the bar and at least 10 went to study LLM. Only 80 students participated in GLC placement committee acivities.


Established: 1999
Amity Law School has been consistently ranked as one of the top ranking law schools in country. In the survey of India’s best law colleges, the school has been ranked no. 9 by OUTLOOK-MDRA survey and no.12 by INDIA TODAY- NIELSEN survey as per their latest survey conducted in June 2012.
Seven batches of students have already passed out from the law school. Students have secured placements in eminent law firms like Rele Becker LLC, Herbert Smith(Singapore & U.K), Allen Overy LLP(U.K.), Philips(Singapore).

[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image013.jpg[/IMG]10.GNLU, GUJARAT

Established: 2004
Seats: 180
Fees: Rs.82,000 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee) Out of 155 students of 2011 batch, 85 students sat for placements 
of which 70 students got placements including 9PPOs. 2011 batch
broken all its previous record to secure highest package ever bagged
by the students. 15 students of GNLU have got job offers of Rs. 14
lakh each. GNLU recruit 17 students at day zero of 2012 batch, 10 
who will graduate in 2014, secured their job at day zero recruitments.


Established: 1977 
Seats: 150 (B.B.A.L.LB.) & 50(B.A.LL.B.)
SLS placement for 2011 batch have concluded with 30% of its student
Joining legal process outsourcing Companies (LPOs). The batch of
2011 consist of 200 undergraduate students of which 140 opted to sit
for campus placement.
4 students from this batch selected in Judiciary, ICICI bank(Mumbai)
& LPO Legasis(Pune) were the top recruiters picked 5 students each.
The highest package for 2011 batch went upto 14 lakhs per annum
with the average package being 6 lakhs per annum.


Established: 1989 and introduce 3 yr LLB and introduce 5 yr
integrated B.A.LL.B.(H) from 2002-2003.
Seats: 80
Fees: Rs.8,700 per annum
Big firms like Luthra & Luthra, Fox and Mendel recruit law students
from the JMI campus and offer a pay package of around 5-6 lakhs per 
annum. The placement are not 100% but students don’t really bother
about that.
One of the alumini qualified for Civil Services Exam 2011, 2 of the
students have been selected in Indian Army, Judge Advocate General
Bench. One student topped West Bengal Judicial Service Exam. One
student were selected to Delhi, Guwahati, Harayana Judicial Services.


Established: 1916
Seats: 60
BHU provides excellent placement to its student by offering various companies to visit this university for the campus interviews. The
university has tie up with some international firms also and they
provide handsome job opportunity to the successful students as well.


Established: 1999
Seats: 80
Fees: for army background students-Rs 1,28,975 pa
For civilians- Rs 1,56,875 pa
The placement cell of Army Institute of Law is committed to
assist students proactively in their placement. The placement
cell offers counseling practical advice from professional expert.
The placement of B.A.LL.B. batch 2005-2010 was very
encouraging. 100% students got excellent placement in leading 
banks, corporate house and law firms. The placement cell
consist of a placement coordinator assisted by a team of highly
dedicated student coordinator.


Established: 1924
ILS Pune is declining its placement from 100% to 19% in 4 years
who will graduate in 2014. ILS, in 2008, had seen 100% placement.
In 2009-2010, out of 131 students, only 76 got placement. This
situation becomes more worsed in 2011-2012, when out of 131,
60 got placed. This year, out of 105 students, 20 have been placed so


Established: 2007
Seats: 120(B.A.LL.B.) / 60(B.B.A.LL.B.)
FEES: Rs.1,50,000 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
They have 26 international academic partners. The first graduating batch
of B.A.LL.B.(H) comprised of 78 students. Out of these 78 students, 65
opted to sit for placement and 26 have secured placements. Quislex
emerged as the top recruiter by bagging 4 students.


Established: 2006
Fees: For Karnataka States-Rs.1,oo,ooo
For Other States- Rs.1,10,000
For A.P/Goa/TN- Rs.1,10,000
For NRI- Rs.1,80,000
The first batch was graduated in 2011. The placement cell was managed
to place 22 out of 52 of its first batch of students. The placement cell
saw a healthy mix of top recruiters from every field.
The highest package went upto 12.8 lakh per annum with average
package being Rs.5.2 lakh per annum.
The second batch graduated in 2012 made a pre-placement offers
(PPOs) to secure 21 total jobs, one short of colleges debut recruitment


Established: 2009
Seats: 180
Fees: 5,00,000 Per annum(including only tution fee)
With Jindal Global Law School’s first five-year LLB batch and
its third-year LLB batch due to graduate in 2014, the college’s
placement activities too have started in earnest, yielding seven top
tier firm jobs.
Amarchand made four offers to five year LLb students in its Bombay
Office, Luthra & Luthra offered three internships to students and one
Jobs to a future three-year LLB graduate.
Khaitan & Co Delhi and Mumbai offices hired one student each from 
the five year course, and Titus & Co offered one job to a three-year 
degree student. Meanwhile, White & Case offered two internships in
Abu Dhabi to students from the three and five year degree. They have
Many foreign faculties from Harvard Law School, Yale Law School etc.


Seats: 120
Fees: Rs. 1,01,000 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
The first batch will be pass out in 2014. This batch consist of 112 students.
National Law University Orissa and National University Of Advanced
Legal Studies, Kochi both moving forward to secure their position among
among the law students by leaving behind National Law University
Lucknow an Chanakya Natioanl Law University Patna.


Established: 2007
Seats: 240
Fees: Rs.1,39,400 per annum
Two law students have received the highest pay package in the Gujarat
state. The student with the highest offer for a non LLM student was
offered a Rs.17.5 lakh salary by an Indian Firm. The second highest
domestic salary was Rs.11.5 lakh a year. The highest salary offered was
by a UK-based law firm. The student was offered a Rs. 34 lakh annual
package but declined to be named.


Established: 2006
Seats: 160
Fees: Rs.82,000 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
RMLNLU’S recruits 25 students out of 154 students of its 2nd batch. 125
Students participated in campus recruitment process.
LPO Pangea 3 was the heaviest recruiter with 5 hiers. 9 students were
recruited across 8 law firms. 2 students joined Supreme Court
( not know enough about the recruitment of 3rd bach)

[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image035.jpg[/IMG]22.CNLU, PATNA

Established: 2006
Seats: 140
Fees: Rs.1,82,000 per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
CNLU recruit 40 students out of 80 students of its first batch 2011-2012.
Before recruitment, CNLU’S students sat on hunger strike as there was no
Co., LPO’s, Forms to recruit them. To improve placement process 4 future
Batches CNLU recruit 25 students out of 80 students of its 2nd batch.
Quislex hired 11 students, AIR hired 6 students, Pangea hired 3 students,
Bhasin & Co. Singh & Singh both hired one student each.


Established: 2003
Seats: 80
Fees: Rs.85,000/- per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
HNLU Raipur placed 21 out of 50 students graduating this year with 11
Law firms and six joining the Chhattisgarh state law ministry as research
assistants. A total of 33 students participated in the still ongoing campus
recruitment process, of whom 12 are still without jobs.
The result is an improvement for the recruitment coordination committee
(RCC) over last year’s figure of 19 total jobs in a batch of 60, of whom 12
confirmed job were secured for 31 RCC subscribers. Nine of those jobs
had come in via pre-placement offer(PPO) with law firms, legal process
outsources(LPO) and companies.


Established: 2006
Seats: 120
Fees: Rs.1,64,000/- per annum(including tuition fee and admission fee)
RGNLU provide job to 13 students out of 25 students who sat for
recruitment to those who graduate in 2013. Total size of batch was 65. out
of rest students, 12 students have been shortlisted for judicial clerkship in
Supreme Court. Shriram General Insurance limited picking up 4 students
and Quizlex recruited 2 students.


Established: 1976
Seats: 120(B.A.LL.B.) / 120(B.B.A.LL.B.)
Fees: Rs.50,000 per annum
BHU placements cell plays a co-coordinating placements activities and
guiding the students for their successful career placement. They act as an
interface between the academic process of students and their entry into the
legal world outlook. It optimizes on the preference of students whereby
companies, law firms, LPOs, other organization are invited to participate
in PPT at college campus. Placement week is held in 3 phases in Dec,
Jan, Feb wherein recruiters from top firms, corporate houses and other
agencies visit campus.

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